It’s kind of extra, I know.

Author’s Note: My reasoning for this is simply marketing. During my years at college, I’ve learned a lot of things. One of them being that you can instantly tell who a person is by the stickers on their laptops. You know what they’re involved in, what Vines they like, what beliefs they have, where they’ve traveled, and the list goes on. Personally, my sticker obsession overflows to my guitar case and water bottle as well. But I know am not the only one who is obsessed with stickers.

Hopefully if you are here, you either enjoy my blog or you’re being a good friend and reading them for my sake, bless you. Either way, I’ve utilized my Art minor and made some designs to help spread the word of my blog. I am by no means trying to “get famous” or anything like that. I just want my content to be read by people who need to hear of some of the same struggles, lessons learned, and adventures that I’ve gone through.

I’ve uploaded my artwork to Redbubble which in turn can make my designs into all sorts of merchandise. My original intent was to upload them for the stickers but if you are really wanting a phone case or The Back Perch logo pants, knock yourself out. I’d be your biggest fan if you wore them.

I hope you are as sticker obsessed as I am and stick them everywhere. Hopefully, people will see what kind of person you are by looking at them and asking about this one! Thank you SO much for being my biggest fans ❤